institute for museum and library servicesNDIA and IMLS are proud to announce our partners for the Digital Inclusion Corps Pilot Project. The project will work to address digital inclusion issues in five tribal and rural regions throughout the country, while demonstrating the value of having local digital inclusion corps members connected nationally to a supportive peer network working towards increased digital inclusion in the United States. Lessons learned from this project will inform efforts toward a substantial national digital inclusion corps.

Identified by IMLS, Digital Inclusion Corps Pilot Project hosts are:

Each host has a Corps Member who is already hard at work researching the digital inclusion needs of tribal and rural communities from across their respective regions. Their projects will be announced soon, and updates from each Corps member will be posted to the project page at The team, led by NDIA Program Manager Matthew Kopel, is made up of:

  • Jeff Garcie, Alaska
  • Nicole Umayam, Arizona
  • Emily Kissane, Minnesota
  • Drew Lauderdale, New Mexico
  • Sandy Tharp-Thee, Oklahoma

To learn more about the project, go to

To learn more, visit and