Today I understand e-rate a little better after a 101 e-rate webinar that is now recorded and available even if you missed it.  Tribal libraries can apply for e-rate just like public libraries, also if they have juvenile centers they may also apply for e-rate for the centers too.  The E-rate may be the answer for getting much needed fiber and/or equipment into the library/school.  

One of the best resource that I have found so far for funding is the USDA. If you go on their website you can sign up for all their notices of funding opportunities.

They may not be all applicable but a lot of them have outreach with education, underserved communities, youth and healthy eating. Each state will have their own USDA office with specialist and may have their own grants available too. I have also discovered that Oklahoma has a USDA Tribal Liaison as well that is helping me with my Digital Inclusion project.  The Tribal Liaison is known for educational outreach and getting Tribal youth involved and committed to college.  

Lastly, a resource for equipment came up this week and that is the State surplus for technology – Oklahoma does not normally give the surplus away but the manager is going to contact me about the possibility.  Another resource for equipment was recommended – several of our larger universities.  I will be calling them next week.  One of the goals of the Ponca Tribe is to place technology within homes at the complex and/or have laptops that students may check out.  This may be reached by several grants that the Ponca Tribe is looking at or with donated equipment.