By Margo Scurry, NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellow

Do you feel like something is missing? When it comes to computers and the internet, do you feel left behind? You’re not alone. But it’s never too late to get digital!

Being able to use computers and get online makes life a lot simpler.

You can use the internet to…stay in touch, pay the bills, find a job and stay healthy

The list is endless.

Join the thousands of people in our community who comfortably use computers and the internet. When you use computers and the internet to make tasks easier and faster, you’ll find you have more free time to do the things you want to do. Like spending time with children or grandchildren, catching up on favorite tv programs, or even taking an exercise class.

Let’s get digital! Join us to learn the basics of how to use computers and get online, in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Our DigiLit courses are designed to help you use the internet to do things that benefit you in your daily life. Visit your public library to learn more about DigiLit and how you can get digitally fit today.

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