Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action! To join in the movement, please visit:

To learn more about the history of Net Neutrality check out:

This isn’t just an issue for the big players, it’s a huge issue for our individual communities and programs as well. Here are some notes from you, the affiliates:

“human-I-T supports the growth, innovation, and opportunities that Net Neutrality continues to unlock for our technology recipients. We believe the Internet should be a free, open resource available for all people.” – Gabe Middleton | Co-Founder and CEO of human-I-T


“Allowing ISPs to censor, throttle, or otherwise interfere with the free and open travel of information over the internet poses a clear threat to First Amendment protections. As a partner in a community media space that is increasingly digital, we need to all we can to ensure that a profit motive will not privilege some voices over others. Every story deserves to be told and all voices must have the same opportunity to be heard.” – Martin Ludden | Executive Director, Saint Paul Neighborhood Network


“Human service agencies that the City of Seattle contracts with for technology education, job training and other services do not have additional funding to pay for additional broadband speed. Without net neutrality and with added broadband costs, they will not be able to use our funds efficiently, could be hindered in filing reports, and may have to keep clients waiting.” – David Keyes | Digital Equity Manager, Seattle Information Technology


All NDIA affiliates have a stake in this fight. Make yourselves heard today, and everyday. Together we can save Net Neutrality.