As a Tribal librarian, I always had an IT department to hold my hand.  I am discovering with our digital project that it is not always easy to get the information that you need even in a friendly state like Oklahoma.  The Town of Boley’s new Media Center is coming together but it appears there is only one service option DSL or telephone lines coming into the town at present.

What we are doing to help.  The new donor computers that don’t have Wi-Fi built in will have the best possible WIFI adapters, a new WIFI router will be provided for the Town.  The WIFI router at present is outdated.  The adapters will be ones that will be placed in a slot instead of using USB adapters.  Patrons are so use to USB adapters the concern is that they may mistake them for storage USB or flash drives. It would be easy for them to walk away.  

It is hoped that by turning the City Hall into a special library it will enable them to have time for construction to be completed at the Boley Public Library.  The library would then need to check on internet too.  A special library does qualify for e-rate and at present may qualify for construction, which could mean fiber would be brought into the town of Boley.  

Suzette Chang, Library Director for the Guthrie Public Library has been working with the Town of Boley on health literacy.  She will be assisting on the selection of books to place on the shelving and answering library questions.  When a new library is created there is always an out pouring of donations from local community.