Pershing Yeahquo, Kiowa, is the Veterans Outreach director and it has been a slow process but all worth it, when it all finally comes together.  In a tribal community, it takes the business committee or tribal leadership approval and sometimes these people can be in transition or hard to get all together. Pershing worked hard to get this Media Center for his veterans, who primarily are working on education goals and employment.  This Media Center will cover seven tribes in the area for veterans.  He is also establishing a resource library about the Kiowa people and military history.  

Sharon L. Yeahquo, Pastor and Pershing Yeahquo, Veterans Outreach

The center is covered with pictures and he is quick to share the stories about each one.  His pride and passion for veterans is obvious.  My first trip to Anadarko with the desktops, we were not able to connect them due to missing three cables.  In the end, the technology was smarter than me – the monitors said – you are missing the DVD cable – which turns out to be the blue cable with a different type of connection.  But all things happen for a purpose.  I had been visiting with Pershing about not using a hotspot and trying to connect to the DSL service and use an WIFI router.  He was convinced it would be too slow.  When I came back – his wife, Sharon, a retired IT person was there too.  After getting the desktops completed, she convinced him to go ahead hook up the router and try it.  The connection was strong and just worked perfect!  He couldn’t say no or argue with his wife.

Soon the Veterans Media Center will be formally dedicated, blessed and a dinner.   I will be attending so look for more pictures to come and stories.  I will be attending an Upward Veterans meeting with community veterans and introducing them more to the desktops.  I put several shortcuts on the desktops for them per Pershing’s instruction.