I recently attended an Oklahoma Health Literacy conference and Liza Smith with NNLM spoke about a Texas project that placed 20 iPad into the hands of people.  She also gave me the person’s contact information in Texas.  How wonderful is that!

National Network Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)  https://nnlm.gov/

  1. You must become a member, but membership is free.  Once you are a member – you will have access to free classes and more.  There are examples of projects that have been funded and your representative for your region.  They do answer their phone and do return emails quickly.  They are real people and very helpful.  
  2. In February of 2018 the NNLM will be announcing new opportunities for community outreach.  Often in grants the equipment stays with the library. Be sure and check your region, which may have different award amounts available and requirements.   

As one who has received an NNLM award in the past.  I can assure you that you may call and ask ahead of time if your project idea is a sound one.  It is wonderful to talk to a real person instead of getting the grant reviews later that say you did a pretty good job but we aren’t going to fund your project.  NNLM has professional awards that will allow you to attend or present your project at conference.