Looking back at Net Inclusion 2017 In Minnesota, I was fortunate to visit an organization that refurbished technology, taught individuals basic computer skills with the goal of helping them with everyday life skills and/or career and employment.  The individuals at the center also had the opportunity to purchase technology at a reduced amount and become connected at home.  I came back to Oklahoma with the ideal to find people who would help Oklahoma be this proactive too.   

Fortunately, a donor (The Cornell Computer Reuse Association – not in Oklahoma but a friend of NDIA) with used technology and  a heart for underserved communities stepped forward. Our first donation of ten used desktops – 2 to 3 years old but in very good condition has help create three new media center and/or  beginning special libraries.  Soon with our donor’s continued help and hopefully 15 desktops, at least 4 or more Tribes and a rural community that served seniors will be helped within the next 60 days.  

I’m saying this all because today, I listened to a webcast of a technology center that stressed being on the cutting edge of technology.  They hope to keep up by replacing their technology every 1 to 2 years.  It is my hope that this center and other similar centers across the nation will consider donating their older but still usable technology to  people within their own communities or outreach to others in need.