Inspired by four donated desktops, the Town of Bloey, OK is now in the process of moving the media center with donated books to a permanent location on main street.  The town has been without a library and access to public computers for over a decade.  This new location will be to create a true library for the town and computer lab.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries and others have donated books to the new location.  The major will be able to apply for additional funding for books and materials.  Next year the new established library – right now considered a special library will qualify for e-rate.  The Major, Francis Shelton has been actively tutoring the youth after school and outreach to the community with health literacy.  Oklahoma Department of Libraries providing access to databases and the feedback from having this access is heartfelt from the community.  

This is an excellent example of starting with what you have or been given and not waiting until you have the perfect place or funding.   The new library at Boley is faced with slow internet speeds due to only one option for internet.  However – the Town of Boley is making life-changing opportunities for their community – education, job and career and social media.