Controlled Digital Lending Webinar

In partnership with Public Knowledge, NDIA is hosting a free webinar. The discussion will be over Controlled Digital Lending, or CDL. CDL allows libraries to take the works that they already own, digitize them, and lend them out in a one-to-one owned-to-loaned ratio. We will explore the ability of CDL to enable preservation, enhance outreach and accessibility, maintain local control over collections, and assist underserved communities.

Join us for the discussion! The webinar is free but requires registration to join.

September 23, 2019 at 1-2 PM (ET)


Meredith Rose

Policy Counsel

As Policy Counsel, Meredith focuses on copyright, DMCA, intellectual property reform, and governance issues, as well as telecommunications regulatory matters. Prior to working at Public Knowledge, Meredith worked on consumer policy issues at the Federal Communications Commission, the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue, and Knowledge Ecology International. Meredith received her J.D. and A.B. from the University of Chicago. When not in the office, she’s an avid video gamer and desert hiker.

John Bergmayer

Legal Director

John Bergmayer is Legal Director at Public Knowledge, specializing in telecommunications, media, internet, and intellectual property issues. He advocates for the public interest before courts and policymakers, and works to make sure that all stakeholders — including ordinary citizens, artists, and technological innovators — have a say in shaping emerging digital policies.