Digital Inclusion Week 2019 was a huge success! This year, more organizations held more events than ever before. We are truly starting a movement. Thank you to all of you who participated this week and thank you to our DIW19 Sponsors, Mobile Citizen and Google Fiber!

DIW19 Statistics and Reach

  • 1,267 posts* by 785 users with 5,944 engagements*
  • 50 events registered on the DIW19 webpage, hosted by 39 organizations. 
  • 15 non-registered* events found on NDIA’s twitter feed.
  • 2,417 DIW19 web page views from May-October 2019 
DIW19 was made possible by the hard work of the NDIA Digital Inclusion 2019 Planning Commitee:

Chair: Shauna Edson from the Salt Lake City Public Library
Committee: Abby Cox from Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, Alyssa Kenney from DANEnet, Andrew Doan from NDIA, Anthony Houghton from Digital Equity Center, John Chrastka from EveryLibrary, Kami Griffiths from Community Tech Network, Matthew Timberlake from Multnomah County Library, Nicole Umayam from Arizona State Library, Yvette Scorse from ByteBack.

* Stats generated by Keyhole for the following hashtags: DIW2019, DIW19, DigitalInclusionWeek, DigitalEquityIs, and DigitalInclusion for the week of 10/11/19.
* Defined by likes, shares, and/or retweets
*Many organizations created pages for DIW19 collecting data for events happening in their areas. Unfortunately, not all of these events were shared with NDIA.