Digital Inclusion Week 2020 was a huge success! With COVID-19 shining light on the importance of Digital Inclusion initiatives, this year was more essential than ever. Our community events reached hundreds of thousands of people on social media, received the attention of multiple elected officials, and some cities issued a proclamation declaring Digital Inclusion Week. Thank you to our DIW20 Planning Team and to all of you who participated in making this year a success.

DIW20 Statistics and Reach

  • 509 posts by 229 users with 4,938 engagements
  • 57 events registered on the DIW20 webpage
  • 8,107 DIW20 web page views

The NDIA team is working for Digital Equity all over the country! 

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks comments on DIW20

Highlights of organizations all over the country celebrating DIW20!

Huge thank you to the DIW20 Gigabyte Sponsors!