NDIA continues to grow by welcoming Gina Cooper, Deputy Director!
With a wealth of experience and leadership, Gina has taken on this pivotal role to exponentially increase NDIA’s capacity for change.

Regina uses technology and data for social good.  She has spent almost twenty years working in under-resourced communities and with under-served populations to close education and housing gaps.  Regina takes a people-centered approach to her work that is supported by data and research.  She serves on two boards working towards equity, inclusion, and belonging outcomes.  She’s passionate about introducing Black & Brown youth to technology and coding programs.  She created a project – Hacking IT – where she teaches teenage girls to get loud, get political, and get tech-ing.  She advocates for digital resources and opportunities to bring transformative change to those most in need.  Before completing her Master of Public Policy from Tufts University’s Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Program as a Neighborhood Fellow, Regina graduated from Wellesley College as a Davis Scholar and then earned a certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice.