Ten digital equity coalitions from across New York state are playing a pivotal role in leading digital inclusion ecosystems in their areas. The organizations, supported by New York Digital Inclusion Fund (NYDIF) Coalition Planning Grants from NDIA and Schmidt Futures, each received up to $30,000 to increase the number of member organizations in their coalitions, hold community-wide coalition meetings, and coordinate digital equity strategies in their communities.

Representing both existing and newly formed entities, the coalitions recently completed their grant periods and shared great progress. During the nine-month grant, grantees grew the number of coalition member organizations from 211 to 335, representing partnerships across the digital equity ecosystem. These included community-based organizations, libraries, schools, local governments, housing organizations, computer refurbishing outlets, broadband providers, and more. 

Additionally, digital inclusion coalitions developed or refined their coalition structures, created charters, conducted asset mapping in their communities, and strengthened their structures for long-term sustainability. We proudly share the Coalition Planning Grant Final Report detailing their hard work, successes, impacts, and insights. 

These 10 grantees represent seven economic development regions across New York state: Capital District, Central New York, Finger Lakes, Long Island, New York City, North Country, and Western New York. The grantees represent these digital inclusion coalitions:

  • CapReg Digital Inclusion Coalition (United Way of Greater Capital Region)
  • Central New York Digital Inclusion (InterFaith Works of Central New York)
  • Finger Lakes Digital Inclusion Coalition (Finger Lakes Digital Inclusion Coalition)
  • Long Island Digital Inclusion Coalition (Stony Brook Foundation)
  • North Country Digital Inclusion Coalition (Adirondack Health Institute)
  • Promoting Digital Inclusion for Older New Yorkers Coalition (New York Academy of Medicine)
  • Queens Digital Inclusion Coalition (Rockaway Development & Revitalization Corporation)
  • Sunset Park Digital Inclusion Group (Brooklyn Public Library)
  • The Bronx Digital Equity Coalition (The Bronx Community Foundation)
  • Western New York Digital Equity Coalition (Healthy Community Alliance)

The New York Digital Inclusion Fund is managed by NDIA and supported by Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. For more information about these ten New York digital equity coalitions, please visit digitalinclusion.org/nydifund or contact Vicky Yuki, NDIA.