Digital Inclusion Trailblazers: Indicators

Here are our key indicators of digital inclusion leadership by a local government:

1. Does your municipal government have at least one fulltime-equivalent staff dedicated to digital inclusion policy and programs, and supported by the municipality’s own revenue rather than third-party grant funding?

2. Does your municipal government convene, and/or materially support, an ongoing digital inclusion planning process for your community?    

3. Do officials of your municipal government participate actively in a local digital inclusion coalition?

4. Does your municipal government regularly conduct and publish research on Internet access and use by your residents?

5. Does your municipal government directly fund community digital inclusion programming, i.e. digital literacy training and/or assistance to residents in getting home Internet access?    

6. Does your municipal government directly fund one or more public access computer labs?

7. Does your municipal government provide material support to a public or community wireless network deployed in one or more residential neighborhoods, and offering Internet access to residents where they live?

8. (This indicator only applies to cities and towns that are Internet Service Providers, i.e. operate municipal networks.) Does your municipal ISP provides a discounted rate, or other special affordability option, for home Internet service to disadvantaged residents?