Digital Inclusion Week 2017

May 8th - 13th

What Is Digital Inclusion?

“Digital Inclusion” refers to the activities necessary to ensure that all individuals and communities, including the most disadvantaged, have access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).  As technologies evolve, we know that addressing digital inequities is more than a problem of access but one of greater social and economic inclusion. Join us to share the need for and impact of local digital inclusion programming.

Celebrate Digital Inclusion Week, May 8-13, 2017! The week is an opportunity to raise awareness about digital inequities and nationwide efforts to close those gaps from California to the Carolinas. Throughout the week, organizations across the nation will host digital inclusion events and share digital stories that highlight specific inequities and the role digital inclusion providers play in meeting these needs. 

How Can We Get Involved?

Digital inclusion programs and organizations across the country can participate in a number of ways. Identify an existing event to highlight during the week of May 8-13 or choose from our list of ideas below in “Host an Event”.  Choose a strategy that fits your organization’s focus, scope and resources, and let us know you’re on board!

By participating in Digital Inclusion Week your organization will help to create a unified voice for digital inclusion programs and their impact on communities across the country.

Your stories and events will be visible alongside nationally promoted messages of digital inclusion.

More importantly, by participating in this week of action and awareness your organization will gain exposure for your digital inclusion solutions.

Your program or organization can play a critical role in helping to amplify the themed messages during Digital Inclusion Week.

On social media, use #digitalinclusion to mark your involvement!

Check out the press kit for additional information and tools by clicking here.

Monday, May 8th
Broadband Access

Tuesday, May 9th
Digital Device Access

Wednesday, May 10th
Digital Literacy

Thursday, May 11th
Digital Literacy Training Impact
provider perspective

Friday, May 12th
State of Digital Equity
coast-to-coast needs and opportunities

Host and Post Your Events (All Week)

We encourage partners to share details about your existing digital inclusion programs happening during the week or to host a local event related to digital inclusion. Consider partnering with other community-based institutions to amplify your local message. Here are some ideas for local events:

  • Digital resource fair – bring together digital inclusion providers for a family-friendly fair that promotes opportunities to learn and raffles devices or services to participants
  • Door-to-door outreach – canvass an area of the community with low rates of access to educate residents about low-cost broadband options and your organization’s services
  • Device donation drive – collect and refurbish used desktops and laptops to disseminate to program participants   
  • One-day workshop related to a specific technology training need in your community (e.g. smartphones, cloud applications, computer basics)
  • Resume rally – help people learn how to create a resume and search online for job openings
  • Open house – to promote the work of your organization to the community and key stakeholders
  • Internet enrollment event – partner with a low-cost internet service provider to get people signed up for affordable broadband
  • Hackathon – participate in a hackathon to support your organization’s capacity to deliver digital inclusion programming
  • Volunteer event – host a volunteer recruitment and appreciation event
  • Movie time – host a technology-related movie followed by a discussion or training with participants
  • Townhall – build on Friday’s virtual panel discussion with a post-event discussion at your organization

Encourage participation in Digital Inclusion Week by sending an email to a business, congressional member or community partner. Below is a draft outreach email you can use as a base to be tailored depending on who you are reaching out to.

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) is sponsoring Digital Inclusion Week May 8-15, 2017.

This week is an opportunity for organizations, policymakers and advocates across the country to host events, share stories and join conversations on the importance of ensuring that all people have access to and literacy in internet services.

Because your [company/organization] shares our belief that access to and literacy in internet services play a decisive role in economic prosperity, providing a lifeline for [insert company value here: working families to employment opportunities, elderly people to health care, etc.], we would love for you to participate.

Please click here [insert link]  to learn more and sign up for opportunities to participate.


Find a Digital Inclusion Week event near you! Hosting your own event? Submit it to us to be included on the map!

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Tune-In and Share the Virtual Panel Discussion

Friday, May 12th 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

Be part of the Virtual Panel Discussion by joining the conversation online and sharing details of this event through your social networks. This is an opportunity to step back from our day-to-day work to better understand the impact of digital inclusion programs and opportunities to get more communities connected in the years to come.

LIVE STREAM LINK (Please note there will be a 5-20 second delay for YouTube Live.)

Use the hashtag #digitalinclusion to follow along the online conversation and @ direct panel questions to @DIW2017 on Twitter, or comment in the YouTube Live comment section.


Nicol Turner-Lee, Brookings Institution

Confirmed Panelists:
Roberto Gallardo, Mississippi State University Extension
Claude Aiken, Federal Communications Commission
Jim Tobias, Inclusive Technologies
Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, Google Fiber


Follow along and join the conversation on Twitter using #digitalinclusion

Planning Committee

Lead: Tianca Crocker, Austin Free-Net (Austin, TX)


Laura Breeden, NDIA Directing Council Chair
Adam Strizich, Martha O’Bryan Center (Nashville, TN)
Charly Eaton, Multnomah County Library (Portland, OR)
Emma Hernandez, San Antonio Public Library (San Antonio, TX)
Ernesto Resto, Skillpoint Alliance (Austin, TX)
Felicia Tillman, Power My Learning (Atlanta, GA)
Jamie Littlefield, United Way of Utah County (Provo, UT)
Margo Scurry, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (Charlotte, NC)
Munirih Jester, San Antonio Housing Authority (San Antonio, TX)
Nicole Hooper, Literacy Action, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
Samantha Akwei, Community Technology Network (San Francisco, CA)
Sarah Bell, Literacy KC (Kansas City, MO)
Shauna Edson, Salt Lake City Public Library (Salt Lake City, UT)
Susan Reaves, Nashville Public Library (Nashville, TN)
Wendy Pearson, Kansas City Public Library (Kansas City, MO)
Wenwen Shi, San Francisco Public Library (San Francisco, CA)

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