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Land of Sky Regional Council’s WestNGN program seeks to contract for a Digital Navigator to help close
the digital divide in Buncombe County. The Digital Navigator acts as a resource for individuals or small
groups regarding connectivity services information, devices, and foundational digital skills to enable
people to become effective internet users. The navigator will work in person and remotely to provide
this assistance, depending on what works for each learner. This position is a key component in bringing
connectivity to citizens and addressing equity issues in Buncombe County.

WestNGN Digital Navigator contract is a part-time limited $20 per hour contract. Work will vary from
creating courses based on specific skills (ex. ZOOM usage, basic computer skills, google suite, etc) and
working directly one-on-one with individuals.

Responsibilities and Duties
– Coordinate with the Asheville Housing Authority and other local agencies to identify clients.
Specifically, identify populations of senior citizens, low-income, formerly incarcerated, and
English as a second language individuals.
– Create a marketing strategy to engage diverse equitable audiences.
– Initiate contact with clients seeking assistance.
– Identify the needs of each client or site host and assess existing access to technology and digital
skill level.
– Educate and coach clients on connectivity services, devices, and foundational digital skills.
– Connect clients to outside resources such as affordability services, device lending, and other
digital skills opportunities.
– Develop a site training program in coordination with the Asheville Housing Authority.
– Develop a detailed strategy to distribute digital skills across the county.
– Other tasks as necessary.

Critical Skills and Aptitudes
– Ability to embrace the challenge of learning and teaching basic technological concepts.
– Excellent self-organization.
– Excellent interpersonal and digital and non-digital communication skills, including cultural
– Desired language skills in language other than English.
– Ability to provide excellent customer service, establish appropriate boundaries with clients, and
to demonstrate innovation, flexibility, and sense of humor working with diverse populations.
– Ability to creatively solve problems and negotiate and handle stressful situations positively.
– Ability to provide excellent customer service and build trust and relationships with clients.

Please send any questions, resume/proposal, and cover letter to [email protected]

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