St. Louis Development Corporation

The Digital Equity Manager is a pivotal role within the City of St. Louis and SLDC, responsible for spearheading initiatives aimed at closing the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion across St. Louis neighborhoods. This position requires a dynamic individual with strong leadership skills, a deep understanding of digital equity principles, and the ability to engage diverse stakeholders. The Digital Equity Manager will lead collaborative efforts, manage projects, advocate for policy changes, and drive community engagement to ensure equitable access to technology and digital resources for all residents. A successful candidate will: be a high-energy multi-tasker with experience and demonstrated success in working community groups, stakeholders, and partners; understand the critical role of engagement in driving program participation and community collaboration; have a natural connection to and passion for lifting up folks from all demographics including youths and elders; and demonstrate excellent judgment and an ability to act quickly and in the best interest of the City of St. Louis.

Salary Range: $80,000.00-$120,000.00 /year


Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with existing partners involved in digital inclusion efforts to maximize local resources and initiatives.

Develop partnerships with state and local government entities, anchor institutions, philanthropic organizations, libraries, and private enterprises to create a regional approach to digital inclusion.

Design and execute a comprehensive strategy for community outreach and engagement to address digital equity needs across St. Louis neighborhoods.

Identify and research opportunities at federal, state, and local levels to increase technology adoption and access.

Manage projects related to broadband initiatives, digital adoption, education, and support.

Design and implement evaluation criteria to measure the impact and effectiveness of digital inclusion programs.

Advocate for legislation and policy changes that promote equitable broadband access.

Educate policymakers on the digital divide and its consequences for residents, advocating for funding and support for urban areas.

Essential Duties:

Serve as a central convener for the ConnectSTL coalition and actively pursue sponsorship opportunities to ensure sustainability of the coalition.

Pursue funding opportunities for digital equity programs and advocate for legislative support.

Represent St. Louis’s digital equity efforts at national and regional levels, sharing best practices and advocating for resources.

Plan, organize and coordinate Quarterly meetings for the ConnectSTL Coalition

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with marketing team to promote vision of the ConnectSTL coalition

Manage the digital assets of the Coalition or related digital equity efforts.

Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in general management, public administration, political science, information technology, or related field.

3-5 years of progressive experience in public policy, community organizing, fundraising or similar roles.

Demonstrated interest and proficiency in digital inclusion policy and ecosystem advancement.

Knowledge of IT and digital inclusion concepts.

Ability to build authentic relationships with diverse stakeholders.

Understanding of institutional and structural racism and commitment to equity.

Experience in grant writing and reporting.

Ability to manage multiple tasks, adapt to shifting priorities, and work collaboratively.

Passion for the mission of the SLDC and the ConnectSTL Coalition with a focus on serving the residents of St. Louis.

Excellent managerial, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Action-oriented with a proven track record of effective leadership.

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