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Broadband Deployment Pattern Maps overlay maximum available broadband speeds, per the most recent FCC Form 477 Census block data, with data on low household incomes by Census block group. This is the type of map created by NDIA to document digital redlining by AT&T in Cleveland and other cities.

NDIA will create local Broadband Deployment Pattern Maps for interested NDIA Subscribers for a fee of $1,000 per map. An individual local map will depict one provider’s coverage by block, along with the pattern of low residential incomes, for an area no greater than a county. NDIA will maintain each map online for at least 24 months. NDIA will provide the Subscriber with one or more PDF copies and a short analysis of the local map.

Some very populous urban counties may not be possible for NDIA staff to map within the scope of this offer.  NDIA may decline such a request, or discuss alternative approaches with the interested Subscriber.

If a Subscriber can provide point data (addresses or coordinates) for the locations of relevant infrastructure, such as providers’ wirecenters or permits for fiber-to-the-node installations (e.g. AT&T VRAD cabinets), NDIA will endeavor to overlay these data points on a local map as well.

Example of similar service: Dayton AT&T map created for Advocates for Basic Legal Equity

The full set of NDIA’s Broadband Deployment Pattern Maps is available at

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