Map of Montgomery County, OH Census blocks with AT&T “Fiber To The Node” (VDSL) Internet access at 18 mbps or more

An NDIA affiliate in Dayton, Advocates for Basic Legal Equity (ABLE), saw our map showing apparent AT&T redlining of lower-income neighborhoods in Cleveland and requested a similar map comparing Fiber To The Node (FTTN/VDSL) deployment to high-poverty neighborhoods in Montgomery County.

The map above, produced by NDIA in response to that request, shows exactly equivalent data for AT&T in Montgomery County, in the same way, as Map 1 shows in the Cuyahoga County report.

The major difference between the two maps is that AT&T’s service area is limited to the eastern half of Montgomery County — so we have added a color code (gray) for “Other company”, indicating Census blocks where Form 477 block data is given for Frontier or FairPoint rather than AT&T.

For technical information on this map contact Bill Callahan, [email protected].