Policy Positions

Net Neutrality Day of Action

Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action! To join in the movement, please visit:  https://www.battleforthenet.com/ To learn more about the history of Net Neutrality check out:  http://whatisnetneutrality.org/timeline This isn’t just an issue for the big players, it’s...

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Who Regulates Broadband? Nobody.

25 states have passed state cable franchise bills. Many were passed approximately 10 years ago. Promises were made that cutting local control of cable franchises would streamline roll out and result in more investment by the companies providing cable services (which...

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Dear FCC Chairman Pai

In the past couple of years, the Federal Communications Commission became a federal agency that discussed and addressed digital inclusion. Lifeline was expanded to include broadband and the FCC released Strategies and Recommendations for Promoting Digital Inclusion....

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Aggregating Lifeline Broadband Subscribers FAQ

Overview The FCC's March 31, 2016 Order that modernized Lifeline to include broadband service included references to the FCC working with USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) when implementing the National Verifier (an online platform that will verify...

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