To resume my thoughts on silo busting and adapting materials I will use the example of Dine’ College Library I shared last time, and look closer on the granular level at how I am currently adapting pre made materials for a short train the trainer workshop.

At the 2017 Net Inclusion Conference I met NTEN fellow Adam Strizich at the Martha O’Bryan Center in Nashville TN, and shared my project with him. We found that some of our aims overlap, particularly in organizing an abundance of online trainings into a cohesive format. To this end Adam Strizich has put together a series of what look like simple spreadsheets that lead a beginner through stages of digital trainings that ultimately help the student gain proficiency enough to ace a Northstar Certification test. The benefits of completing this certification, especially in rural New Mexico, could help a library or computer lab patron gain employment, or empower them to use digital tools to share their perspective and skills world wide. I’ll include a link to the training here with a caveat that I have added a column for my own notes. I have left it in as archeology to show the method, but will no longer be using this copy.

Of course he shared this with me right then and there, and It was truly exciting that he did share such a valuable compilation as it provides an adaptable framework for ExploraConnect. I will be working on retrofitting this one resource into three: 1) a trainer specific training that teaches the audience how to use the second resource, 2) a Dine’ College Library specific series of computer training classes, and 3) a survey for partons to list their computer related questions so that library staff can organize a weekly or monthly class to address those specific questions in a classroom environment.

One hour before ExploraConnect and Explora educators set up for a community facing event at Dine’ College Library in early September, I will be facilitating a workshop exposing library staff to all three resources, and guiding them through their use. During the family focused event ExploraConnect staff will share how the library intends to use these resources and help families and students connect to them as well.

I want to add here that none of this would be possible without NDIA’s efforts to link the digital inclusion world together, and to especially thank Kelly McCarthy and Adam Strizich from Tech Goes Home Chattanooga, and NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellowship for all the materials they have shared with me and the digital inclusion community as a whole. I’d also like to thank Matthew Kopel for his world bending efforts to bring all of this together for the Digital Inclusion Corps to set us up for success.