Practitioner Support

Support on-the-ground digital inclusion practitioners and advocates.

Digital Inclusion Champions

Named for Charles Benton, the founder of the Benton Foundation, the award recognizes leadership and dedication in advancing digital equity. Digital Equity Champions promote the ideal of accessible and affordable communications technology for all Americans in crafting programs and policies that make it a reality.


Digital Inclusion Trailblazers | National Digital Inclusion Alliance |

Digital Inclusion Trailblazers is the first public inventory of local government initiatives promoting digital literacy and broadband access for underserved residents. Initially launched in 2016 as an advocacy tool for local, state and national digital inclusion leadership. NDIA has revamped the indicators. NDIA maintains an up to date list of local government Digital Inclusion Trailblazers as a handy database of examples for communities interested in taking similar steps themselves.


Discount Internet Guidebook

This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with Public Knowledge and support from Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen, has two purposes: a practical guide for digital inclusion practitioners in need of affordable home broadband service, and describes affordable broadband plans for disadvantaged American households offered by commercial internet providers.


Digital Inclusion Coalition Guidebook

This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with support from Media Democracy Fund and Cleveland Foundation, reflects on lessons learned from six established community-wide digital inclusion coalitions in an effort to aid local communities navigating the development and implementation process of forming a digital inclusion coalition.


Digital Inclusion Start-Up Manual

This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with sponsorship from Google Fiber, provides detailed guidance on the creation of a community digital inclusion program for individuals looking to increase access and use of technology in disadvantaged communities through digital literacy training, affordable home broadband, affordable devices, and tech support.