Practitioner Support

Support on-the-ground digital inclusion practitioners and advocates.

NDIA offers this page of EBB resources to digital inclusion practitioners and advocates intent on helping the unconnected sign up for this federal broadband subsidy. These resources are provided for digital inclusion practitioners and others supporting the outreach of EBB.


Digital Navigators are individuals who address the whole digital inclusion process — home connectivity, devices, and digital skills — through repeated interactions if that’s what a community member needs. The Digital Navigator model draws from both volunteers and cross-trained social services staff who offer remote and in-person guidance.


Please join NDIA on the third Friday of every month at 1 PM ET for the Open Community Calls where we will share national resources and on-the-ground strategies for providing digital inclusion services. Registration is required.



NDIA is documenting State Government Responses and Local Government Responses to encourage other governments to address access to the internet (particularly at home), personal computers and tablets, and tech assistance. These initiatives are in addition to the FCC’s Keeping American’s Connected Pledge.


Free & Low Cost Internet

Some Internet Service Providers have responded to the COVID pandemic with new or improved discount broadband plans, that will only be available for a short time; others continue to offer plans that were created prior to the crisis. NDIA updates the list of Free & Low-Cost Internet Plans regularly.


Digital Inclusion practitioners have been working to end the digital divide for decades, creating their own community, definitions, resources, and gaining knowledge of what works and doesn’t. Digital Inclusion is a multifaceted issue that takes time to understand. To assist in this process, NDIA is hosting a Digital Inclusion 101 Webinar every two months on the third Wednesday at 1 PM ET.


Through the Ujima Project, NDIA affiliates will design a project that creatively activates GwG tools to upskill Black jobseekers or students. Applicants must describe how they can put the GwG workshops and training into action to provide upskilling for Black communities.


Discount Internet Guidebook

This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with Public Knowledge and support from Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen, has two purposes: a practical guide for digital inclusion practitioners in need of affordable home broadband service, and describes affordable broadband plans for disadvantaged American households offered by commercial internet providers.


Digital Inclusion Coalition Guidebook

This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with support from Media Democracy Fund and Cleveland Foundation, reflects on lessons learned from six established community-wide digital inclusion coalitions in an effort to aid local communities navigating the development and implementation process of forming a digital inclusion coalition.


Digital Inclusion Start-Up Manual

This guidebook, developed by National Digital Inclusion Alliance with sponsorship from Chicago Connected, provides detailed guidance on the creation of a community digital inclusion program for individuals looking to increase access and use of technology in disadvantaged communities through digital literacy training, affordable home broadband, affordable devices, and tech support. This guidebook was updated in September 2020 to reflect best practices around Digital Inclusion programming in the age of COVID-19.