The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is a unified voice for home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices and local technology training and support programs.

We work collaboratively to craft, identify and disseminate financial and operational resources for digital inclusion programs while serving as a bridge to policymakers and the general public. 

Angela Siefer’s testimony on Nov. 7, 2018 in a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee’s Communications, Technology, Innovation. Senators examined advancing the use of the internet of things in rural communities. In testimony, Angela Siefer, Executive Director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, said, “The first step toward such a strategy is to improve access and adoption data.”

Latest News

Livestream at Net Inclusion 2019

New for Net Inclusion - A Livestream Stage! The following plenary and break-out sessions will be live streamed from Charlotte NC (which is ET). The livestream (and subsequent recordings) will be available via the Net Inclusion page. No registration is required to view...

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Commissioner Starks’ Digital Inclusion Visits

NDIA is proud to have facilitated digital inclusion visits for newly appointed FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks on Friday, March 1. After he attended a forum on the rural and urban broadband digital divide hosted by U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, the Commissioner...

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