NDIA takes on consulting work that directly supports our mission. We are particularly interested in projects that:

  • Result in a publicly available resource supporting digital inclusion work
  • Result in new or strengthened local capacity for digital inclusion, such as a digital inclusion coalition
  • Resulting in a publicly available report detailing digital inequities in a region and proposed solutions
  • Result in a publicly available digital equity plan

NDIA Has Been Cited in Over a Dozen Peer-Reviewed Journals and Academic Books

Examples of NDIA’s Work

Cleveland Foundation

NDIA conducted the research and wrote “Informing Strategic Investment in Digital Equity: Cleveland/Cuyahoga County”, commissioned by the Cleveland Foundation.

Chicago Connected Logo

Chicago Connected

In partnership with Chicago Connected, NDIA published V2 of the Digital Inclusion Start-Up Manual to reflect digital inclusion strategies in the time of COVID-19.

Rural LISC

NDIA provided direct assistance to Rural LISC to develop Digital Navigator programs operating within their partner sites. Digital Navigators are individuals who address the whole digital inclusion process with community members through repeated interactions.

Brookings Institution

NDIA worked with the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program to create the Broadband Research Base, a collection of reports, studies and journal articles that address the impact of broadband and digital inclusion on community and individual well-being.

Finger Lakes Digital Inclusion Coalition

Supporting the Pioneer Library System, NDIA aided in the development of the Finger Lakes Region Digital Inclusion Coalition through creation of a coalition website and providing guidance as to leadership structure, identifying stakeholders and drafting a summit agenda.

“We were very ambitious with the number of people who enrolled in our program. Keeping over 70 people engaged for four days was impressive for everyone! Paolo and Lo managed it with amazing skill, energy, and, of course, knowledge. I could tell that there was some behind-the-scenes work to manage a group this large. I’m so pleased with how it went!”
Tessa Killian

Executive Director, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council

“My experience commissioning studies from NDIA have been invaluable in understanding the challenges surrounding digital inclusion at the local level. Given their national sector-wide visibility regarding best practices and who’s doing what have been instrumental with informing our local actionable efforts here in Cleveland. They definitely have helped shortened the learning curve, thus allowing to move more intentionally with our funding efforts in this space.”

Leon A. Wilson, PMP

Chief of Digital Innovation & Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Foundation