NDIA Releases New Impact Report

GIF graphic illustration shows the back of a crowd of people facing 5 speakers at a table on a stage. In the foreground: A woman in a brown suit with glasses, NDIA Logo, and 2023 Impact Report


In FY2023, the digital inclusion community grew by 80 percent. With the growth of the field and the pressing need for resources to navigate once-in-a-lifetime federal funding for digital equity, NDIA has been busy.

As we wrap up 2023, we’re celebrating our progress in our FY2023 Impact Report and sending a big THANKS to you — our community.

🎉 Here’s to the …

  • 600 Affiliate organizations who joined us in FY2023
  • 3,200 people currently on the NDIA Listserv
  • 44 States/District/Territories represented at our State Workshops
  • 150 members of the Indigenous Working Group that launched this year

In 2024, NDIA is ready to continue fighting alongside communities across the country:

  • Providing digital inclusion resources without paywalls
  • Offering inclusive spaces for peer support and expert advice
  • Advocating for digital equity policies at every level of government

Watch the video for a sneak peek at what NDIA has in store in 2024. Here are some of the projects you can look forward to:

  • Digital Inclusion Program Manual: Tips from the Community Doers Who Defined the Field
  • Digital Inclusion State Implementation Guide
  • Research on digital inclusion for people of color with disabilities
  • Indigenous Digital Inclusion Guide
  • Digital Navigator Data Platform
  • Advocacy for ACP and other smart policy solutions
  • New NDIA website
  • Another record-breaking Net Inclusion conference