Digital Inclusion Trailblazers

“Digital Inclusion Trailblazers”  is the first public inventory of local government initiatives promoting digital literacy and broadband access for underserved residents.  NDIA and Mobile Citizen launched this effort as an advocacy tool for local, state and national digital inclusion leadership, and as a handy database of examples and contacts for communities interested in taking similar steps themselves.

The Trailblazers inventory features local governments which meet at least one out of eight key indicators of municipal digital inclusion leadership.  For each positive indicator, there’s a link to a web page with more information about the municipality’s efforts in that area. (Click on the appropriate “YES” in the chart.) And the inventory provides a key local contact for additional information about that community’s digital inclusion strategy and activities.

If you’re an official or community leader who’s considering a digital inclusion strategy for residents of your community, these are people you can learn from!

The Digital Inclusion Trailblazers inventory is growing.   NDIA continues to reaching out to cities and towns throughout the U.S. to find more great examples of local government leadership to promote digital literacy and broadband access for underserved citizens.

Should your community be one of them?  Tell us!  Email or


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For more information on digital inclusion programs and initiatives outside of government, refer to our Affiliates page.