Digital Inclusion Trailblazers is an honor roll of local government initiatives that promote digital literacy and broadband access for underserved residents. With support from Google Fiber and help from a Working Group of our affiliates, NDIA identifies local governments that are Digital Inclusion Trailblazers using six indicators, listed below, based on documentation submitted by the candidates. Trailblazers are models for other local governments to pursue digital inclusion efforts in their own communities. The six indicators are as follows:

With support from Google Fiber and help from a Working Group of our affiliates, there are now six indicators for a Digital Inclusion Trailblazer:

  1. Your local government has, or directly funds, at least one full-time staff dedicated to digital  inclusion initiatives, policies and/or programs.
  2. Your local government has a digital inclusion plan or is in the process of developing a plan.
  3. Representatives of your local government participate in an open-access digital inclusion coalition.
  4. Your local government has conducted or plans to conduct and publish survey research on Internet access and use by your residents.
  5. Your local government directly funds community digital inclusion programming.
  6. Your local government is taking steps to increase affordability of home broadband service.

We invite any other local government that fits one or more of these indicators to apply to be a 2021 Digital Inclusion Trailblazer. The application form provides a check-list and documentation requirement for each indicator. The table below displays 2019-2020 Trailblazers.

Please click on the “+” sign on the table below to reveal individual Trailblazer resources.

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Local Government NameContactContact EmailHas StaffStaff | Document 1Staff | Document 2Staff | Document 3Staff | Document 4Staff | Document 5Has PlanPlan | Document 1Plan | Document 2Plan | Document 3Plan | Document 4Plan | Document 5CoalitionCoalition | Document 1Coalition | Document 2Coalition | Document 3Coalition | Document 4Coalition | Document 5Survey ResearchSurvey Research | Document 1Survey Research | Document 2Survey Research | Document 3Survey Research | Document 4Survey Research | Document 5Has FundingFunding | Document 1Funding | Document 2Funding | Document 3Funding | Document 4Funding | Document 5AffordabilityAffordability | Document 1Affordability | Document 2Affordability | Document 3Affordability | Document 4Affordability | Document 5
City and County of San FranciscoPerformance PlanBudget RecommendationsContact InformationStrategic PlanStrategic PlanDigital Equity RFP
City of AustinJohn Speirs, Program Manager[email protected]Proposed BudgetDigital Inclusion TeamDigital Inclusion StrategyDigital Empowerment Community of AustinAustin Digital AssessmentGTOPS
City of BostonJob DescriptionBudget DescriptionContact InformationDigital Equity StrategyBroadband MapDigital Equity Fund
City of Chattanooga and Hamilton CountyWorking ReportAgency FundingTGH Funding LetterTGH Job DescriptionWorking ReportChatlibrary ServicesMembership RosterOrganizational Survey30 day Survey1 Year SurveyPost-surveyPre-surveyBFO LetterAgency FundingTGH Funding LetterHamilton County Offer
City of Long BeachRebecca Kauma, Project Lead for Economic and Digital Inclusion[email protected]Contact InformationInclusion InitiativeJob DescriptionStakeholder CommitteeRoadmapRoles and ResponsibilitiesCommittee ListCommittee NotesAnalysis & RecommendationsFund TransferCARES Act Digital Inclusion Free Internet Services and Computing Devices Program OverviewFree Internet Services and Computing Devices Program Flyer-English
City of PortlandRebecca Gibbons, Broadband & Digital Equity Program Manager[email protected]Office for Community TechnologyAdopted BudgetContact InformationDigital Equity Action PlanCoalition MembershipCoalition LeadershipMeeting AgendasNeeds and Opportunities ReportPortland Broadband AdoptionStrategic PlanGrant AgreementGrant Description
City of San AntonioCandelaria Mendoza, Smart City Coordinator[email protected]Digital Divide SurveySurvey InformationSan Antonio Indicator 5 Resources
City of SeattleDavid Keyes, Digital Equity Program Manager[email protected]Staff Contacts 2021ITD Adopted Budget 2021 SeattleIT DigEquity workplan 2021Internet-for-All-Seattle-Report-FINALDigital Equity Learning Network of Seattle and King CountyAccess and Adoption StudyInternet for All Update ReportTMF GuidelinesFunding AnnouncementInternet for All Legislation 
District of ColumbiaDelano Squires, Director[email protected]Contact InformationConnect DC TeamBudget Vol 2Community Technology Plan BFCommunityTechnology Plan BRDigital Divide ReportInclusion ReportCommunity Technology Plan BFCommunityTechnology Plan BRContract Awards
Louisville Metro GovernmentRicky Santiago, Digital Inclusion Manager[email protected]Digital Inclusion PlanExecutive BudgetContact SheetDigital Inclusion PlanCoalition organizationsDigital Inclusion Fund
Provo CityJoshua Ihrig, Information Systems Div. Director[email protected]Staffing OverviewVISTA Assignment Description 1VISTA Assignment Description 2MOUAdministrative DirectiveAdvisory Group membershipMinutes 1Minutes 2Minutes 3Minutes 4AFF ReportSurvey Plan MEMODevice Data OverviewDigital Inclusion EffortsProgramming Summary
Salt Lake CityNole Walkingshaw, Deputy Director, Public Services[email protected]Digital Inclusion StaffingDigital Equity Full TransmittalUtah AllianceSurvey MapsAffordability in SLC
City of DetroitJoshua Edmonds, Director of Digital Inclusion[email protected]Policy FellowTimelineTimelineDigital Divide AtlasTech for Teens
New York CityKathleen Clark[email protected]Library Privacy WeekInternet Master PlanInternet Master PlanCities for Digital RightsInternet Master PlanInternet Master PlanInternet Master Plan
City of Kansas CityRick Usher[email protected]Digital Equity Strategic PlanDigital Equity Strategic Plan - CoalitionCoalition for Digital Inclusion playlistInternet at Home
Baltimore CityJason Hardebeck[email protected]Indicator 1 ResourcesBaltimore Digital Equity Coalition

With special thanks to the to the NDIA Trailblazer Working Group:

Andrew Broderick, of SF Tech Council; Emy Tseng, of NTIA; Rebecca Kauma, of the City of Long Beach, and; Rick Usher, of the City of Kansas City