The Town of Boley founded in 1903, is approximately 13 miles from any other city.  The town has a deep history, a site that once was part of the underground railroad and Harriett Tubman legacy.  They have a very active Major Francis Shelton and at least seven churches.  They have a lovely public library that is being renovated that once gave the community access to books it unsure when the construction will be completed.   The public school was merged with one of the other schools, students are bused.   The town has a very active community center and has been holding some health literacy programs with special presentations.    The City Hall where the Major’s office is about to become a gathering place for public access to technology, training and information.  

Thanks to a donation from the Cornell Computer ReUse Association to our Digital Inclusion project the town of Boley will be receiving four desktops and training on how to serve community patrons. Shortcuts will be placed on the desktops with links to Basic Computer skills, OK Works (employment), Consumer Health, and Educational resources.  Boley will be setting up bookshelves and creating a special library for the community.  As a special library, they will be receiving access to Oklahoma Department of Libraries databases that include homework help resources for elementary through college, health and special interest.  They will also as a special library be able to apply for e-rate and various funding next year.  A special library to qualify needs to have books available and set hours, the ability to offer free internet access is a bonus.  The City had a large turnout for summer reading activities and STEAM programming with the youth.  Many of the books stored can easily be placed at City Hall for check out.   The City office is the best choice since it is open six days a week and the public are always welcomed.  There will be announcements made to the people of Boley about the technology and availability.  Presently the City does have WIFI.  The Town of Boley has been having very good success with health literacy outreach, the bonus of giving the community access to online health resources will open unlimited opportunities to grow and learn.  There is also need for the community to have access to employment opportunities, educational resources and social media.  

Once the assistant to the major is trained and the lab is created, special training sessions may be planned based on community needs and requests.  Everyone is very excited.