Anita Mathis, is picture in front of two of the four desktops that were donated to her library, archives and cultural center.  When I first called Anita about the possibility of working with her library she was so excited.   She had received wonderful news that they would soon have the whole building for outreach.  Her library only had one desktop that was very old.  Now thanks to a donor for our project, the Delaware Tribe have four very needed desktops.  The four desktops have already given new opportunities for outreach.  Anita plans to hold computer classes and considering GED classes.   The new space will allow them to have a summer reading program and cultural activities for the youth.  Anita works closely with all the departments; the Lenape language and Culture is very present in the space.  It has been such an honor getting to know Anita better.  She has created her space from the very beginning – collecting what she could and donations.  It truly is wonderful, cared for and well exhibited.  At ATALM in a 2017 workshop, I was sharing how the Delaware put photos on their website and in newsletters asking for help in identifying unknown photos.  (I did not know that Anita was attending our workshop – so many faces.)  Anita spoke up – “That was me.”  Yes, that is Anita – she is always willing to share, and I shared what I learned from her too.