This is Bambi pictured in the Pawnee Nation Tribal College computer lab.  Bambi teaches community GED computer classes here.  Three of the computers in the lab had quit connecting to the internet.  Thanks to donated desktops the computer lab is working at full capacity again.  Two of the replaced computers and one additional donated desktop were placed in an area for public and student access.


Pawnee Nation Education Center

The Pawnee Nation Education Center did hold five older desktop computers that were too slow and had problems connecting.  New computers just weren’t in the budget.  The Education Center has an after school center, offers educational opportunities for all ages.  It had been hoped that they would start using GCF Learn to start teaching some basic computer skills, but the programs just would not load.  Our project with the help of the donation of five CPU’s, makes the lab have new meaning and usefulness to all ages.  There are over 20 young students and multiple teens that come to the center every day.