We are excited to announce two briefings coming up that are generously presented by Public Knowledge for NDIA affiliates. Please join us for a briefing on spectrum policy on November 19th and a briefing on the federal privacy debate on December 3rd. We’ll talk about the issues, offer opportunities for you to get involved and, most importantly, we’ll answer your questions.

Guest Speaker: Phillip Berenbroick
Webinar: Spectrum and Wifi
Date & Time: 11/19/2018 at 2pm

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Many rural communities still lack basic wireless coverage, yet wireless carriers say they are on the verge of rolling out next-generation 5G wireless networks in wealthy urban areas. What do you need to know about spectrum to understand what is really happening with mobile broadband? And, what spectrum policy issues are the Federal Communications Commission and Congress dealing with?

Guest Speaker: Allie Bohm
Webinar: Privacy Briefing
Date & Time: 12/03/2018 at 3pm

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You heard about Equifax and Cambridge Analytica. You faced a deluge of privacy notifications when GDPR went into effect in May. You’ve seen California’s new digital privacy law in the news. But, what are federal policymakers doing about privacy?


Phillip Berenbroick

Phillip Berenbroick

Senior Policy Counsel

Phillip is Senior Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge. His work at Public Knowledge focuses on broadband competition, deployment, and affordability; telecommunications and media mergers; spectrum policy; and copyright reform. He regularly works with consumer, civil rights, public interest, and industry stakeholders, and advises policymakers on Capitol Hill, the Federal Communications Commission, and at executive agencies.
Allie Bohm

Allie Bohm

Policy Counsel

Allie Bohm is Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge, focusing on government affairs work in key issue areas including broadband policy, privacy, artificial intelligence, and other tech policy initiatives. Prior to law school, Allie was the Advocacy & Policy Strategist at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) covering state policy nationwide related to speech, privacy, and technology, among other issues. During law school, she was a Legal Fellow for Senator Durbin on the Senate Judiciary Committee and worked for the Office of the White House Counsel during the Obama Administration, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner Charlotte Burrows, the National Women’s Law Center, and the National Partnership for Women and Families. She began her career as a Legislative Assistant at the ACLU.