Government Technology magazine has named NDIA Executive Director Angela Siefer one of its “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers” of 2019.

The magazine, whose online portal is, says its list is “a way to honor those who toiled, often unrecognized, to drive progress forward, using advances in technology to make government better at doing its job: responsibly and efficiently serving the people.”

The 2019 “Doers, Dreams and Drivers” are featured in the cover article of the magazine’s April edition. The accompanying profile recounts Angela’s twenty-three years of work for digital inclusion, beginning in Toledo in 1996 and culminating in today’s NDIA:

Local leaders now seek out the NDIA to help ensure residents have equitable access to laptops, smartphones, broadband and Wi-Fi, and to the skills they need to operate them. Issues of digital inclusion have crept into city departments nationwide, from housing and health to economic development. Essentially, tech is now a vital part of everybody’s life, so much so that cities must help get it to all residents. Siefer and the NDIA help local governments act as facilitators for community groups and libraries, which have long been on the front lines of inclusion. They do so through advice, best practices, benchmarking and fostering information sharing among stakeholders in the space.

Also named to this year’s “Doers, Dreamers & Drivers” list is Eric Boyette, North Carolina’s Chief Information Officer, who will speak at the opening plenary session of Net Inclusion in Charlotte next Tuesday.  Government Technology’s Zack Quaintance, who wrote the magazine’s profile of Angela, will participate in Net Inclusion’s noon plenary session on Wednesday. See the full Net Inclusion schedule for more information.