The Digital Navigator Model Page explains the core elements of the model, hosts sample graphics, worksheets, instructions and assessments, and recognizes everyone in the Digital Navigators Working Group. Repeated thanks to our Digital Navigators Working Group. Their expertise and generosity is at the heart of this project. You can find our list of contributors on the new webpage as well. 

We’ve been developing the core model and adapting the details for nine Rural LISC sites in Appalachia and four sites in partnership with the Salt Lake City Public Library. On August 25th we’ll host our first training for 40 Digital Navigators. The training is designed to be flexible to fit the needs of different sites and their communities. 

The Digital Navigator model and similar projects are gaining momentum across the country. This piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer mentions a program run by participants in our Working Group:

Under the plan, families will also have access to “digital navigators” charged with providing technology support. Families will be guaranteed free access for two years, but city officials said they mean to continue the program given adequate financial support. Mayor Jim Kenney called the announcement a “transformational moment” triggered by the pandemic. He said the program will “make a powerful impact on lessening the digital divide.”