2021 brought a lot of change to the digital inclusion field and NDIA. We had significant wins, including a never-before-seen amount of money dedicated to digital equity from the federal government. As we celebrated our successes, we – also – embraced change.  

For NDIA, that change included a growing team and new opportunities to support digital inclusion practitioners across the country. With the changing landscape and expanding scope of our work, we asked ourselves a difficult question – how do we scale to efficiently and nimbly support community members relying on us for guidance?

In mid-2021, we embarked on the strategic planning process. This process took many months and resulted in a vision that will advance digital equity and transform our community over the next year and a half (and beyond)! With input from community members, team members, Board members, funding partners, and consultants, we are pleased to announce the culmination of our collective voices. 

We will concentrate our work on five key focus areas over the next 18 months:

  1. Build the field by strategically engaging a diversity of stakeholders.
  2. Nurture and advance the field with programmatic models, guidance, resource dissemination, data analysis, and peer-to-peer support.
  3. Advance advocacy efforts and policy change informed by affiliate expertise and data.       
  4. Advance the field of digital inclusion through affiliate expertise and data.
  5. Strengthen NDIA’s internal structure and communications strategy, and define strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all work. 

NDIA is thrilled to share the complete 18-month strategic plan (with our mission, vision, values, and strategic focus areas and objectives).  This strategic plan is a commitment to all of you that we will continue to prioritize community, collaboration, excellence, and DEI practices in all of our work while thinking forward to what’s ahead.

With digital equity, we all win!