Check Out the New York State Library Digital Inclusion Toolkit


 In partnership with the New York State Library, NDIA is thrilled to share the 2022 Digital Inclusion Toolkit, developed to help guide libraries supporting digital inclusion in their communities.

 This toolkit includes an overview of digital inclusion activities libraries can engage in, scalable ideas, best practices and a wide range of tools and resources. The toolkit also provides examples of libraries and community-based organizations currently working to address the digital divide as they build capacity and work in partnership to scale digital equity work.  

While this toolkit is aimed at libraries in the state of New York, it provides a useful framework for libraries and community organizations across the country that are looking to build upon existing digital equity services. 

To learn more and see highlights from the 2022 Digital Inclusion Toolkit, check out the companion webinar led by NDIA. We also provide tips on how to use the toolkit and information about additional tools released after its publication.