The FCC announced a partial continuation of ACP benefits for May but with reductions. The exact amount for May isn’t final yet, but the FCC has provided estimates to help ISPs plan for May. The estimates may change based on the information the FCC collects. Once the FCC has collected all the information they need to determine the exact amount, they will announce it. We expect the FCC’s announcement of the final amount sometime in April. 

Here is what households participating in the ACP can expect for May:

  • If a participating household gets a monthly benefit of $30, they might get between $7 and $16 in May.
  • If a participating household qualifies for the Tribal benefit of $75, they might get between $18 and $39 in May.
  • If a participating household plans on using the one-time device benefit of $100, the partial benefit maybe $24 – $53 in May.

Important Information for May

  • ISPs don’t have to participate in the partial benefit month and can stop giving out the ACP benefit after April. 
  • If a participating household chooses to keep its internet service after the full benefit ends in April, the ISP must inform the household if the partial benefit applies to them and how much it will be.
  • The partial benefit will only be applied to the participating household’s May bill.
  • After May, a participating household will pay the full price for their internet service set by the ISP. The ISP will also let the household know that they will be subject to their general terms and conditions following the end of the ACP.

We don’t know precisely when ISPs will contact participating households in May. They might include this information with other notices households already receive, or they might send a separate message.

For more details about the ACP Wind-Down, visit the ACP Transition page, or you can access the official notice here: