Digital Inclusion Week 2018 will happen May 7-11, and you can join this nationwide event online and on the ground to share what is going on in your community.  DIW2018 is sponsored by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance representing more than 300 affiliated organizations in 38 states that work toward digital equity.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Create or find an event in your area that builds inclusion by providing computer training, media literacy, affordable devices or internet access to people on the wrong side digital divides – or builds public awareness.
  2. Connect with colleagues around the country to share ideas through our mailing list.
  3. From May 7-11, use hashtags #digitalinclusion, #DIW2018, and #digitalequityis______ to join the conversation and celebrate progress.  We created graphics and sample text for tweets for you.  
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#digitalequityis COMPASSION

Edward Blayney, Office of Civic Innovation, Louisville Metro

#digitalequityis BRAIN EQUITY

Jo Ana Alvarado, San Antonio Housing Authority

#digitalequityis CIVIL RIGHTS

Lorena Cuffy, University AME Zion Church, Palo Alto


Drew Pizzolato, Nonprofit Technology Network

Amplify the Message

Your organization is doing incredible work in digital inclusion! The NDIA needs your help to share stories and amplify your work.

What Kinds of Events Do People Organize?

  • Digital resource fair – bring together digital inclusion providers for a family-friendly fair that promotes opportunities to learn and raffles devices or services to participants
  • Door-to-door outreach – canvass an area of the community with low rates of access to educate residents about low-cost broadband options and your organization’s services
  • Device donation drive – collect and refurbish used desktops and laptops to disseminate to program participants   
  • One-day workshop related to a specific technology training need in your community (e.g. smartphones, cloud applications, computer basics)
  • Resume rally – help people learn how to create a resume and search online for job openings
  • Open house – to promote the work of your organization to the community and key stakeholders
  • Internet enrollment event – partner with a low-cost internet service provider to get people signed up for affordable broadband

Digital Inclusion Stories from Across the Country

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List of Events

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DIW News & Highlights

Digital Inclusion Week 2022 Is Officially the Biggest Yet

Digital Inclusion Week 2022 Is Officially the Biggest Yet

Digital Inclusion Week just launched and is already the biggest yet, with the nationwide event and campaign now in its seventh year. As of Monday afternoon, more than 200 organizations had registered to take action or hold events during the week. This was over 100...

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Digital Inclusion Week 2021 Was a Huge Success

Digital Inclusion Week 2021 Was a Huge Success

Our sixth Digital Inclusion Week on October 4-8 was a huge success! And it wouldn't have happened without all of you. Together, we had a hugely successful week-long campaign for digital inclusion. We tweeted, posted, hosted, spoke out, called for action, and raised...

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What Is Digital Inequity?

What Is Digital Inequity?

All NDIA assets are under creative commons. We encourage you to use these and remix them however is most useful - in presentations, on social media, etc. Shoutout credit to National Digital Inclusion Alliance and @netinclusion on Twitter is always appreciated but not...

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Planning Committee

Lead: Shauna Edson, Salt Lake City Public Library


Laura Breeden, National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Bruce Clark, Digital Charlotte
Abby Cox, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
Lorena Cuffy, Jesse Jackson Digital Inclusion Fellow
Cari DelMariani, Kramden Institute, Inc.
Andrew Doan, National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Katherine Eppler, San Francisco Public Library
Norma Fernandez, EveryoneOn
Rebecca Gibbons, City of Portland
Kami Griffiths, Community Technology Network
Matthew Kopel, National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Angela Siefer, National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Matthew Timberlake, Multnomah County Library

DIW 2017

Check out 2017’s Digital Inclusion Week program to get inspired by past projects!