Digital Inclusion Trailblazers

It is with great pleasure that we announce the revision and update of the NDIA Trailblazer indicators and their associated checklist items! Updates to these Indicators and checklist items means that resources provided under the project will be even more refined and reliable than ever before, as Trailblazing cities continue to reach new heights in moving above and beyond the standard for what digital inclusion looks like, and how strategies are deployed. The 2021 updates ensure the continued quality of the Trailblazers project, including assurance of transparency and openness of coalition involvement, access to affordable home broadband options and relevant survey data.

Many thanks to the Trailblazers Working Group, who collaborated with NDIA through the latter part of 2020 to develop the new language used in indicators and checklist items, and to Google Fiber for its continued support. Alongside these partners, Trailblazers continues to recognize those who push the envelope of what digital inclusion looks like on the ground, as well as provide an invaluable data cache for those wanting to know more about the plans and strategies cities at the forefront of digital equity.

Should you be interested in viewing the work of current Trailblazers, or in applying to be 2021 Trailblazers, please visit (use the drop down menus via the + signs to view documentation associated with each indicator). Should you be interested in submitting an application yourself, please visit Trailblazers Application | National Digital Inclusion Alliance, or contact Miles at [email protected]. Applications for Trailblazers 2021 should be submitted by April 30.