A Black boy, about 10 years old, stands in front of a sign holding a computer box smiling. To his right, a Black woman holds his hand and smiles.

A North Carolina family smiles at an event hosted by the Center for Digital Equity, promoting the Affordable Connectivity Program and digital inclusion services. Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and the Center for Digital Equity at Queens University of Charlotte

Today, over 21 million Americans enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program can feel a sense of hope that their benefit will continue, at least through next year. The White House announced a funding package, asking Congress for $6 billion to continue funding affordable broadband access through ACP.

“Along with librarians, digital navigators, and nonprofit leaders from 1,500 organizations nationwide, NDIA celebrates the White House’s renewed commitment to providing internet for all,” said Angela Siefer, NDIA executive director.

The request is inside a supplemental funding package to support “critical domestic needs.” Congress and the White House will negotiate what gets included in this bill. If Congress approves the funding, we’ll have time to work on a longer-term funding solution to keep internet access affordable for those who need it most.


What Now?

The Ask/Call to Action:

Do not let 21+ million Americans have their internet access turned off.

Keep broadband affordable – allocate at least $6B to fund ACP through 2024.

This is a great step forward, but we’re not at the finish line yet! We must keep sharing the value of ACP with our Congressional representatives. 

Start right now with a quick and simple action using Common Sense’s ACP hotline: Call (800) 397-2937 to reach your Senators’ offices. Your call can be less than five minutes. Simply share that ACP is valuable in your community, and we need it to continue. This small action is extremely valuable (and is not considered lobbying). The people who answer the phones are very nice and will document your request. The number of calls and requests matter, so let’s get on the phone! 

Use NDIA’s ACP Advocacy page for guidance on messaging and talking points along with more in-depth actions like creating a sign-on letter, requesting a meeting with your congressional delegation, or sharing an ACP success story from your community.