Infographic timeline of ACP Wind-Down updated 2.1.24

On March 7th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially announced the end date of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)—April will be the last fully funded month. With this news and the program’s wind-down in full swing, staying informed is crucial for both consumers and on-the-ground practitioners.

So, last Friday, we hosted a webinar with the FCC updating our community on the ongoing ACP wind-down. Here are some key highlights:

  • March 19th is the deadline for second notices from providers
  • April will be the last fully funded month of the program, with partial benefits possible in May
  • Guidance on consumer protections for ACP households, both during wind-down and after the program ends
  • What ACP households should do now to prepare for the program’s conclusion
  • And more!


Watch our ACP Wind-Down Community Call here to learn more details.


The FCC will also host a webinar on the wind-down on March 13th. Find more information about the webinar here: FCC Webinar


You can also visit our  ACP transition webpage for more information and resources on the ACP wind-down. 


Despite the ongoing wind-down, Congress can still act and deliver funding for the ACP. Visit our Advocacy webpage for resources on how to advocate for the program.