Digital Inclusion Week 2020

Please join this international online event on October 5-9, 2020. DIW aims to raise awareness of solutions addressing home internet access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs. DIW2020 is sponsored by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance representing affiliated organizations working toward digital equity.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Create or find an activity in your area that builds inclusion by providing computer training, media literacy, affordable devices, or internet access to people on the wrong side digital divides – or builds public awareness.
  • Use the social media kit to raise awareness around the digital divide and the incredible work your community is doing to reach digital inclusion.
  • Connect with colleagues around the country to share ideas through our mailing list.
  • Use hashtags #DIW2020 and #digitalequityNOW during the week of October 5th to join the conversation and celebrate progress.

 DIW20 Video

What Kinds of Activities Do People Organize?​


  • Placard Photo: NDIA wants to know where you need #digitalequityNOW! Print off the DIW20 Placard, add your location, and take a photo somewhere specific to your area! Upload your photos so they can be added to the DIW20 collage.
  • Internet Costs Speak Out: internet costs don’t always make sense and the best way to draw attention to inconsistencies is for people to share their speed and cost. Check out some sample posts here.
  • Mapping Your Digital Divide: neighborhoods and communities across the nation are experiencing a digital divide. This means that individuals do not have equitable access and use of digital literacy training, the Internet, and computers. Draw attention to this in your area by posting a photo on social media displaying the divide in your zip code. Check out some mapping resources here.
  • Engage Elected Officials: ask them to get involved by posting a video, photo, or a letter of support for local digital inclusion initiatives to their social media.
  • Community Pop-Up Events:
    1. Device Donation Drive – collect and refurbish used desktops and laptops to disseminate to program participants. Make sure there everyone is wearing a mask and the equipment is sanitized.
    2. Resume Rally – help people learn how to create a resume and search online for job openings. This could be virtually or over the phone. If you have space to properly distance everyone, it could even be in person!
    3. Internet Enrollment Event – partner with a low-cost internet service provider to get people signed up for affordable broadband.

Registered DIW20 Activites

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

Senator Angus King

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Planning Committee

Abby Cox from Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and Rebecca Kauma from City of Long Beach
Committee: Alyssa Bogosian from Tech Goes Home, Brittany Rae from Next Century Cities, Deb Socia from The Enterprise Center, Dina Lehmann-Kim from HUD, Karla Suomala from San Fran Tech Council, Kimberly McKinley from Utopia Fiber, Lindsey Brannon from Lit Communities, Priyanka Sharma from World Education, Samantha Schartman from Marconi Society, Sammy Lowdermilk from Tech Goes Home, Shauna Edson from Salt Lake City Public Library, Yvette Scorse from Byte Back, Pat Steward from Chicago Housing Authority, Eva Arevuo from Underline

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