We’re Opening up More Spots in 2023 to Make Sure You Can Attend!

Net Inclusion 2023 will be February 28 through March 2 in San Antonio, Texas! Registration will open in September, with more spots than ever before for our growing community.

NDIA is hosting Net Inclusion in Texas to support the local digital inclusion community there and to help practitioners nationwide learn from their leadership and ecosystem. This is not an endorsement for recent discriminatory policies and laws in the state, but a move to support equity, and we’ll hope you join us!

The 2022 Net Inclusion Conference had all the feels. Seriously, it was the first large event that I’ve attended in two years. The apprehension of being in a large group in the midst of a pandemic, along with the thrill of actually meeting people in person that you’ve only seen virtually was a quandary of feelings. Thankfully, the apprehension quickly passed as NDIA made this the most welcoming and inclusive conference that I’ve attended. Organizations and individuals from diverse regions, communities, abilities, and backgrounds were well represented. The conference also had a diverse set of panels, speakers, and workshops including topics like structural racism, digital inclusion research, state and local funding, and economic development.”

Andy Stutzman

Excite Center

Lightning Rounds

Since our first Net Inclusion in Kansas City in 2016, NDIA has featured Lightning Rounds in plenary sessions as a way to shine a spotlight on dozens of great digital inclusion initiatives and to encourage peer-to-peer networking among our affiliates and friends. Think of it as a beacon to find the people you’d love to have a hallway conversation with. Net Inclusion 2023 will most likely feature four 30-minute Lightning Rounds, accommodating a total of 25 to 30 presentations. Each presenter will get a maximum of four minutes at the microphone, accompanied by no more than five slides. Applications for Lightning Round sessions will be open a couple months before the conference. Please watch the NDIA listserv and this page for more information.

Digital Equity Champion

The sixth Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award will soon open for nominations! Two awards will be given: One will recognize an outstanding individual who has made a difference in the field of digital equity, and the other will acknowledge an up-and-coming digital inclusion practitioner.

Nominees show:

  • Sustained commitment to digital inclusion programs, practices, and/or policy work
  • Applied innovative approaches to addressing and solving problems
  • Extensive use of data and evaluation to shape digital inclusion programs and share best practices
  • Demonstrated leadership in their community
  • Collaboration that can be scaled and replicated

For more information and to see past awardees, visit Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award. Nominations will open in fall 2022. 


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Local Sponsors

Thank you to our local and national planning teams for making Net Inclusion 2023 possible!


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Code of Conduct

NDIA and the whole team behind Net Inclusion strive to support an open exchange of ideas within a safe and respectful environment. We value your attendance at Net Inclusion, meetings, and events, and are dedicated to providing a positive event experience for all participants and members. We want Net Inclusion to be welcoming, supportive, and comfortable for all members of the digital inclusion community. Treat staff, event attendees, and speakers with respect. Participation in discussions and activities should be respectful at all times. All are expected to exercise tolerance of the perspectives and opinions of all present and use discretion with photographs, recordings, and sharing. Be aware of your presence, and be thoughtful in sharing, listening, and knowing when to do which. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. If a participant engages in disruptive or harassing behavior, Net Inclusion staff may take any action it deems appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event. If you are being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a staff person immediately.