Digital Inclusion Resources

  Recently there had been an interest in designing and launching a Digital Inclusion Strategy. An email had sparked a discussion between many Digital Inclusion practitioners about what resources were available to base digital inclusion plans from. From the mail...

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NDIA on Mozilla IRL Podcast “All Access Pass”

Mozilla's ILR Podcast interviewed NDIA's Director Angela Siefer in their episode "All Access Pass". The podcast asks "What is life like without fast Internet, and how does life change once a person has it? Should Internet access be a right, rather than a luxury?" From...

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Net Neutrality Day of Action

Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action! To join in the movement, please visit: To learn more about the history of Net Neutrality check out: This isn’t just an issue for the big players, it’s...

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Adapting Materials and Busting Silos Part 1

In some of our earliest conversations, Matthew Kopel, the project manager for the NDIA Pilot Corps, directed us to (and I'm paraphrasing) break down silos like we're a wrecking crew. So what exactly does this mean? It means identifying silos of information, stores of...

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