The FCC has confirmed and released the rules on the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program. The EBB program will provide eligible households with subsidies up to $50 a month for internet service ($75 a month for tribal households) and up to $100 for devices.

With the rules on the Emergency Broadband Benefit confirmed by the FCC, NDIA is creating a list of FAQs to assist our affiliates with understanding how to navigate the program and what to expect before sign-ups are opened to the public.

We will review these FAQs and other resources during an EBB Webinar on Monday, March 29th at 4 PM ET.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is the first significant acknowledgment by our federal government that affordability is a barrier to internet service in the home. This is an incredible first step. Next up – a permanent broadband benefit, support for digital literacy training, digital navigators and devices. Technology is woven into every aspect of our lives and our society. Digital access and use is a tool that, when used successfully by more of us, collectively strengthens our economy, health, education, social and civic participation.

Angela Siefer

Executive Director , NDIA