Today, on behalf of three Cleveland residents, Attorney Daryl Parks submitted a formal complaint to the FCC alleging “AT&T’s offerings of high speed broadband service violates the Communications Act’s prohibition against unjust and unreasonable discrimination.”

The complaint is based on the Connect Your Community (CYC) and NDIA report AT&T’s Digital Redlining of Cleveland that we released in March 2017.

NDIA is not a party to the complaint. NDIA did provide consulting services to Attorney Parks to help his team prepare the complaint.

The following quote can be attributed to myself, Angela Siefer, Director of NDIA:

“Due to the lack of broadband competition in Cleveland and other AT&T service geographies, the only acceptable response by AT&T is to upgrade their broadband technology in the low-income areas in which they have under-invested. In many low-income neighborhoods, the only internet service provider with a speed above 6 mbps is Charter (ie. Spectrum) at a cost of $44.99 for the first year and $64.99 every year after. This is unacceptable considering the necessity of high speed broadband to conduct our daily lives – banking, education, work, taxes, etc. NDIA appreciates the attention Attorney Parks is bringing to this incredibly important issue.”

Press Release Issued by Attorney Parks

AT&T Formal Complaint Filed by Attorney Parks
ATT Final Complaint.08.24.2017