Mozilla IRL Podcast Episode 6Mozilla’s ILR Podcast interviewed NDIA’s Director Angela Siefer in their episode “All Access Pass”. The podcast asks “What is life like without fast Internet, and how does life change once a person has it? Should Internet access be a right, rather than a luxury?”

From the Podcast

Host Veronica Belmont: Our Minnesota story is an example of rural communities getting together and building their own network. How much of this is happening?

Angela Siefer: There’s a lot of local innovation around solving this problem right now. Its really exciting and really fascinating. Its also quite frustrating because there are so many local folks in rural areas who say “OK, we’re gonna fix this and they gather their friends and their neighbors and their colleagues together. They decide they are gonna go after it and then they realize there is a state law that says “Ah, no. You can’t do that”.