Digital Inclusion Week 2018 is right around the corner! It is exciting to hear about all of the great events planned between May 7-11th.

How to Participate:
1. Create or find an event in your area that builds inclusion by providing computer training, media literacy, affordable devices or internet access to people on the wrong side digital divides – or builds public awareness.
2. Connect with colleagues around the country to share ideas through our mailing list.
3. From May 7-11, use hashtags #digitalinclusion, #DIW2018, and #digitalequityis______ to join the conversation and celebrate progress. You can find graphics and sample text on the DIW webpage under Amplify the Message.

Be Highlighted on the DIW Page:
1. Sign up as a DIW Host. Fill out this short form to be included in our list of participating organizations.
2. Share your live streamed events. If your organization is hosting an event that will be live streamed, email Shauna Edson at [email protected] a link to the streaming platform with the date and time of the event.
3. Write an NDIA blog post about your DIW event. If you would like to write a blog post about your event, please email Shauna Edson at [email protected] with a post. Here is a template for a blog post:

  • Avoid a play-by-play of the event. Focus your post on a new idea or a quote from the event. If the event left your mind full of ideas, try a “5 Great Ideas From…” format. Don’t just repeat — add to the discussion.
  • List the speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Your attendees will love having an easy list to reference when following up with leads or other contacts, and your sponsors will appreciate the love and credit.
  • Include photos and a logo. Use captions to add interest to your photos instead of just describing what the viewer is looking at.
Shauna Edson

Shauna Edson

Digital Inclusion Coordinator, Salt Lake City Library

Shauna is the Digital Inclusion Coordinator at The City Library, and works with Library staff and community partners to create long-term digital inclusion programming in the communities the Library serves. Her interest in digital inclusion stems from over six years of teaching, facilitating workshops and groups, coordinating volunteers, and connecting with community partners to work with traditional and digital literacies in the diverse communities that make up the Wasatch Front. Shauna is currently working toward a MS in communication with an emphasis on rhetoric, composition, and digital literacies at the University of Utah. When Shauna is not on the trail, snow, or water, she lives in Salt Lake City with her two boys, their cat, and their dog.