Digital Inclusion Coalitions have long been critical to creating robust and sustainable digital equity ecosystems. They collaborate to pool together resources and capacity to make things happen that one individual or organization alone could not do. Coalitions exemplify the spirit of our digital inclusion community because they represent the unique values and perspectives of the residents of their hometowns, regions, and states. In a lot of cases, those resident voices are directly responsible for shaping the advocacy and action of their Coalitions.

But the efforts and outputs of Digital Inclusion Coalitions may not be known outside of their direct impact locally, let alone outside of the digital equity space. That is why today we are proud to share the Digital Inclusion Coalitions webpage, a one-stop shop for all things going on in the world of Coalitions.

What to expect

On the page you’ll find information about the work and impact of Digital Inclusion Coalitions through resources that NDIA has created, and that we have collected through the good will of the Coalition Working Group members. 

There are direct links to the Coalition Guidebook, revised in 2022, and the Coalitions Leadership Brief, published in 2023 with support from the New York Digital Inclusion Fund. NDIA published these resources based on interviews and deep discussions with Coalition leaders across the country in order to gather their expertise in an accessible format, and also to share with the larger digital equity community to learn from, replicate, and adapt as necessary for their own digital equity ecosystems.

In the Shared Resources section you’ll find a number of valuable resources created by the NDIA Coalitions community related to structure, development, and governance. Coalition leaders have graciously shared these documents with us, and in turn we’re sharing them on this page to encourage a more general understanding of how Coalitions work, in practice. 

What’s to come

This landing page is just the beginning. We are working this year to revise our 2022 questionnaire to survey the NDIA community and gather information about where Coalitions are, their scope, and more information in order to produce a public directory and interactive map of Coalitions across the country.

Stay tuned!

What you should do

You can request to join the Working Group here. And, browse the webpage and share across your networks. There’s more to come and we’re excited to continue this journey with you.