NDIA has a brand new infographic explaining that:

As important as rural broadband infrastructure investment may be, it won’t be enough by itself to close the nation’s broadband gap.

Why not? Because…

lack of physical network access is just one of the reasons why so many U.S. households don’t have the Internet access they need for 21st century living.


Here’s a fact that may surprise you:


Residents of rural Census tracts accounted for 5 of 20 million zero-broadband households reported by the 2017 American Community Survey.


15 million zero-broadband households are in “urbanized” Census tracts where high-speed broadband has usually been available for years.


[The] Common thread among these unconnected households is limited income.

You can download a full-size PDF version of the infographic by clicking on the graphic or on this link.

You can also download an animated version of the infographic here.

We are grateful to easel.ly for providing these infographics free of charge to NDIA.